anyone want to play Brink??

Hi guys :)

does anyone want to play Brink?


I give up on it about month ago and i want to finish it ...


I never completed Security missions (Res is done) because of stupid bots AI... ;/


so if anyone would like to play together then add me






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No one wants to play Brink. I think once people realized all the hype was undeserved they shelved the game.

There was one guy around here, but I'm not sure even he still plays it.

Try out the Brink forums

He is. And he still trolls around the empty Homefront forums.

[quote user="Elite Rampant"]

There was one guy around here, but I'm not sure even he still plays it.

[/quote]aaaaaazurrr upps i meant atchis.


do what i did for several missions,start a multiplayer game then go and do something else for an hour,when you come back you probably will have finished most of the missions and got the achievements without doing a thing!

no-ones playing it because  there all scouring the internet searching for info on the free dlc that was coming in june!

I have Brink for 4 days (rental). Send me a message or friends request if you want to play later. I'm usually on Reach, but if my friends aren't on I'll join you.

I haven't really played Brink that much, but you can add me if you'd like.

[quote user="Assassinator010"]

Try out the Brink forums


This. But you still might be better off going to the official site since has such a broken forum and some people probably don't even know the Brink forum exists or how to find it.


If you'd asked me this two months ago I would have given you the same answer I wanted to give you today.   (I'm kidding.)

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