Anyone want to boost

I'm against boosting but I really don't have the time to reach level 100 than reup than do it again and reup again. Also be nice to boost the ribbens I know i won't get on my own. Also boosting a couple of achievements. Anyone want to help I will help them with what ever they need in return. Just add me and message me.


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Don't really have a problem with it either way. Like you said, other games are coming out. If they hadn't made some of the (awards medals) so rediculously high end. Like some of the versus mode ones, I don't play that mode and will never get them. Anytime you see me on I'll play for the fun of it. I still love this game.

I don't have a problem with boosting (I boosted my first level 100 using the Horde Glitch),  and I boosted my 100 in Gears 2 because I stop playing just before the level system was introduced.  I say play the game as you wish and as long as it doesn't affect other people, (I am talk to you dumb [a]ss people who idle boost in Quick Match) you welcome to do as you wish with your own game.  But what it Gears 3 would you boost with a partner, I know of a few that work with an extra controller. But those wouldn't be good with a partner because it would take longer with 2.  Which method are you trying to do?

Yeah Will I'm  not a fan of it either. But I have a couple of games coming out this month that I want to spend that time on. I'm sure you ran into that as well over time. I also only have Xbox live for a few more months and I don't know if I'll renew it or not so that's another reason why I want to do this and get to the other games. I do know where people come from when they say they don't boost. I never boost. But I want to get this game done.

You can boost most of the medals by yourself, some ribbons do require some help as well as achivements. but as far as medals go. you can do an google search to how they are done. as far as xp boosting goes, just watch for xp events or something like the horde cash thing like what billy zane did.

i never boost