Anyone Want Their Video's Rendered?

So I get 5 minutes every month as a Bungie Pro Subscriber, but they don't stack up, so it's either use them or lose them. I lost my 5 minutes last month because I didn't render anything, and I'm about to lose this months 5 in 4 days. I decided it'd be better off If I just use them up on the forums, cuz I <3 you guys


I have 35 minutes to use, if you want your video/s rendered just Link them and I'll render it/them.


*If this against the rules, I'm sorry moderators


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I know you hate me but you could you render this

I forgot how to Lazy link sorry....


Render this for me please.

Yo can render any of mine or any that you think sounds interesting to you or maybe to someone else.  Mine are all pretty good I seem to think.  Have a couple Halo Fails.  Have a sword losing to melee.  And my personal favorite is of me jumping off the mountain at Paradiso onto a Scorpion all most planting a Grenade into it but a Banshee blows it up just before I get the chance.  Your choice though.

I rendered all of them except the 4 Minute one, Kandy. :)

4 minutes? I have a 4 minute one? Well anyways.  What do you think of mine?

[quote user="Yo Kandy Man"]

4 minutes? I have a 4 minute one? Well anyways.  What do you think of mine?


Oh ya I do. lol. doh..  Forgot about that one.  ya that one consisted of me as a gunner on a wart hog with the enemy team player driving me around in side his base area spawn area allowing me to kill all his teammates lasted for 4 minutes before I finally died. I was lmao the entire time.

Render mine? (Can't give link so just go to my file share)

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