Anyone wanna play Zombies?

I have this strange urge to play Zombie mode haha. Either Black Ops or WaW, though I dont have any of the map packs for either. Too expensive.


I dont really talk to anyone on my friend list so thought I would ask here. :P


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Buy the last one for wold at war. It is well worth the money. It will never get old. I've been playing it for least a year and a half and I'm not bored of it yet.

I always thought that one looked really cool haha. But I think if I spend any money on CoD DLC im just going to wait for new one for Black Ops to come out that includes all of the zombie maps from WaW and I think it has a new one as well.


Im not sure if it includes the 3 DLC zombie maps already for Black Ops or not but I hope so.

Black Ops Zombies are fun.

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Black Ops Zombies are fun.


Haha yea, the Zombie mode was pretty much the only thing I bought the game for other than the campaign. Though I almost prefer the WaW zombie mode in a way they've almost made it too complicated in Black ops, I havent played any of the DLC maps yet but "Five" is just ridiculous lol. Kino or whatever is still too complicated for its own good but i've played it enough now to where I know what to do.