Anyone wanna play Co-op?

Don't matter what difficulty setting its on. All of my friends don't have an Xbox one, so I have no one to play with since there is no split screen as well. I thought co-op was public, drop in drop out is what they said. But you have to invite people to play. Wow.


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Try the Overdog app.

It's in the xbox app store.

Just set up Halo 5 as your preferred game and it matches you with others who want to play.

I'm on for co-op, though i play from the EU, no idea where you're playing from, so if you play from the US, the time-zone difference will likely be too great.

Looking fo r people to play co-op with

Malacath, have you used Overdog? If so, what's your experience with it? I'd forgotten about that, so I might give it a go once I've got through on single-player.

I thought Halo 5 was going to have match making for co-op, but I've been told that it's been a disaster in the past (due to people behaving poorly) and is why it doesn't have it now.

i've beaten every halo on legendary and need co-op gamers for a Heroic run so feel free to add me...