Anyone wanna build an RPG Dungeon?

Hey guys and gals of the Minecraft forums! I was wondering if anyone would like to help build an old school dungeon for RPGing kinda like Diablo but for Minecraft. I was thinking of building a medium size map for it and it would have different paths throughout the whole thing. I have a few ideas and one of them I have already started. It's a tower two floors highs. These floors would be used for putting away stuff. The first floor would lead to a basement area that is quite large and would have no light( we'll have to turn up the gamma to see). I was thinking of making it two sub levels.


Would anyone like to help? To me I think the dungeon would be better with more people involve. If you wish to help send me a friend request and comment below. Also I would like to apologize for my terrible grammer. English was never really my best subject in school :p





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Sorry for the double post but does anyone know a way to make mobs spawn in dungeon. I tried testing out the dungeon but it was empty.

Make sure it's dark is all I can think of. Other than that, nothing else can be done from what I know.

Too much light will keep them from spawning. So if your leaving out torches you keep it too the bare minimum.

Thanks guys. I decided to put no torches in the dungeon. I'll just put the gamma up to see. Now I need a way to stop creepers from destroying my creation.

If you have a lot of creepers there could be a spawned close by. If you can find it either destroy it or put torches around it so they will stop spawning.