Anyone using an N wireless adapter while playing BLOPS

Theres the question.  Anyone using the following N wireless adapter in the link below with BLOPS?

Do you see a big difference in connectivity performance when using the N wireless adapter playing BLOPS?  Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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that is the only thing I have used to connect online. Sorry, don't have anything to compare performance wise, too......

the is n is a lot better than the g. Range and data transfer is double if not more. Just make sure you have a n router.

I've seen posts asking why they haven't seen any change in performance after upgrading the adapter but forgeting that they still have a g router.

However, if you can do it, wired is still the best.

I got lucky, mah router is a Belkin " Surf" F7D2301 u1 N router. Had to buy it on the fly, when I moved into mah girlfriends place, and didn't notice that the wireless adapter for the xbox was an N

Thanks guys.  I am just debating if I want to run Ethernet from my basement, where my router is, to my 2nd floor...where my XBOX and work computers are.  I know the wired path would be the best, But I will need to run the Ethernet up a few walls and across my attic to get it to the room where the XBOX and computers are.  It will probably be an all day project.

Right now I am using a wireless G adapter on my XBOX.  It works OK, but there is lag sometimes.  I do have the ActionTec N wireless router that comes with Verizon FIO.  My FIOS connections speeds are 25up and 25 down.  So I want to take more advantage of that.  I was just trying to weigh if spending a full day running cable is worth it or should I just take the easy way and pay $80 for the wireless N adapter.

Decisions, Decisions...LOL.

The N adapter will fix your problem. Wired is always better, but only by a very small margin if you are getting a good wireless signal. Then again, if you do run that one network line, you can put a switch on the other end and run as many devices as you want in your basement.

@Metal10957.  Thats exaxactly what I envisioned if I go the Wired route.  Thanks .

Wired makes sense when your talking about running a connection from multiple floors, especially what's needed now to even have a decent connection when playing a game like blops, the only reason I run a wireless is becasue everything I have to connect is right by the router

@Come Get Some, That wired project sounds like a major headache. Get the n adapter. You'll be happy you did.

@ Bird125.   I have a N adapter and a G router,  how much more performance will i gain?