anyone use their mics?

Love the game but it seems that  no one uses their mics or are in a private group with their friends so I can't communicate with them. The game isn't as good when you can't speak or don't speak with your team mates. anyone else notice this?


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The VOIP in game is crap. Everyone is in parties . That's just the way it is in this game. If you don't have many friends that play BF3 then join a platoon on Battlelog and play with them in party chat.

When i use my mic it is silent on the game.Shame really because the community itself is good just not very chatty.

Thanks a lot for the tip bootlebadboy. It's too bad though because the game really is one of the most team game based games out there and is really meant for chatting with your team mates and working together. It's a shame they allow all these private chats. I won't go as far to say it ruins the experience but it definitely dampers it. Which is a shame because I really do love this game!

I'm on the battlelog website now but there's no where for me to sign up. Only sign in. I don't know how to make an account.

You should already have an account since you play EA games. Sign in with your EA/Origin account and your in. Don't remember ever signing up? Sometimes an EA game may make one for you and asked for an E-mail, type that e-mail in and use the 'recover password' to get a new password. Don't have access to that e-mail or don't know which one? You will need to call EA customer support or somthing then...but I don't know the number.

Yeah i'm usually in party chat.  If i'm not in party chat.  No one has a mic in the game any way.

I don't even have my mic in, when I do, no-one responds to a simple "hi" anyway.

I tend to respond if someone says "Hi' or something when I am lone wolfing it. Otherwise, I am in a party chat with 2 other teammates and unless you send me a message or i see your mic icon flashing constantly throughout the match, I won't send you a party invite.

Ya No.

I use my mic and I have the VOIP set to Team. I think what they should do is disable the party chat in the game, that way everyone can commicate with each other.