Anyone up to help me?

Well I never done this before but this is my plead to u the community, First off, Hi I am Lunixed (GT) I got my gamerscore reset on my 2nd account Lunixed (My first account was lost when my xbox broke and since it never when online i could not recover it), I know what your problaly thinking bad thing right now about me but it was just a mistake i did, See 4 years ago after my original xbox got the 3rrod I bought a new one but that console did not come with a hdd as I bought it from a friend and i figured why not buy the 120gb pack (at the time was really hot at the time) after a couple of months i saw a video on youtube about gamer score modding(note that i barely play online so i figured why not <This was around late 2008 when i just got internet and became xbox live member) I did not think it would give the results that it did, anyways it got reset around late 09, Ever since then i have been i have made more than 10 accounts and never really cared about Lunixed until now that I am a senior on High school (i barely play xbox now) and well i really miss my my account, Im off to college soon and as i was talking to my clan they reminded me of the time when i no lifed call of duty 4 and met them and all the fun i had aswell in MW2 the clan battles we had and it was all on lunixed my first legit gamertag. <end of life story lol> so if u guys know how i can get out  off the cheater zone and get a second chance on my account i would be thankfull, I think i do deserve a second chance as i have been an active member ever since i bought gold, for example i have bought tons of add ons,arcade games, and i have tons of games like all cods-all halos-fallout 3 and vegas- all assasins creed, gaming has been part of my life since i could remenber, My first xbox i bought was in my 13 birthday so please guys help me and sorry for this really long story ^^.


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Please note that i wrote all this in a library computer so i might not reply soon if u do post something. lol

Once your gamerscore is reset and your account is labeled a cheater, there is no way of reversing this. Best thing you can do is move on and learn from your mistakes.

No sympathies here mate