anyone still playing this game?

everytime I go on xbl to search for a game there are never any players online so does anyone actually play this game anymore? am I just looking at the wrong times?


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I am having great fun with this game. It`s not to bad. I`ll race ya.

Nope. The game is so broken. Almost everything on it sucks. So, there's that.

Guys, I still play goddammit! Looking for people willing to play! Online is *** DESERTED.

Kevinmatrix is my autolog name. Anyone willing to play, *** Email address is removed for privacy *** is my email.

You are the only one in the world that plays this game I think.

I still play sometimes , If you want add me.

Just send me a message that you are from the forums


You do know that this is a arcade racer right? I've been on the track IRL multiple times. Of all of the non-hardcore sims Forza offers the most realistic driving. Shift 2 does not. Not even by a small margin...

I would love to get a few guys together who understand the true genius behind this game and have a sort of GT1 informal league, but the fanboys seem to migrate to forza, which is good, but just not anywhere close to realistic. The handling of this game is a problem, but can be solved with the right tinkering. IRL, car's are not easy to race.

Message me or friend me if interested in going a GT1 type league. I have a few guys who would likely join. They are the real, hardcore, no assist races.

Same prob. An its mainly for the hardcore racers , I changed my motto an I got 1 match but after that , nothing :/

I have so much with this game; I don't know why people give it so much hate; the helmet cam/cockpit view is like no other, makes you feel your just right there, the sense of speed, the sound is amazing, the music/song tracks, it got plenty of content to play for long hours and the difficulty is challenging, not a walk in the park but I think that's what makes it fun; a racing game that's not a challenge? too easy? how's that fun!?

I sometimes do singleplayer races. But only when I have nothing else to do. This game is horrible. I'm very angry that drivers like Vaughn Gittin Jr and Mad Mike Whiddett worked for this game. Those are good drivers and in interviews there are all like "this is what racing feels like" and stuff...

Even Race Driver Grid is much better. And that's arcady as FUUU.

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