Anyone still playing TF2?

Well Tf2 on the pc is sorta ruined imo because of buyable im thinking of buying the orange box on the 360 for my TF2 fix. Are people still playing online?



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So how is it ruined because of buyable weapons? Everything can be found through random drops or even crafted for that matter. Also, I'd imagine that the 360 version is dead seeing as the hosts abuse the class limit feature and there's no updates other than the class limit one.

Well...uh...have fun playing TF2 on Xbox alone. :/

Yeah, there was a lot of moaning about the updates.  I did too, but it's not really that big of a deal anymore to be honest.  The people who waste their money buying items can't trade the bought items and can't even use them to craft.  It's much more worth it to get the random drops.  And IMHO, a lot of the vanilla items are better than the craft items.

Only when a friend invites me to the game, I play both versions. (PC version the most)