Anyone playing anymore? Trouble with sending crates...

Now that TIP has been a free gold game of the month is anyone playing again? I played 6 years ago and just started playing again this week. My daughter is also playing. I have tried sending her crates with gold coins but she doesn't get them. I wonder why it's not working? I am at a much higher level than she is an would love to be able to send her stuff to help her out. Has anyone else been able to send crates recently? June 7, 2015. Thanks :-)


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i think those servers are not online anymore as far as i have heard no one can get crates out. its one of those things where you have to join people or have them join you to share things. like money and or pinatas.

if you want me to help i can give her 10 million chocolate coins or whatever you may need. just msg me on xbox and ill what i can

I will be playing again when it gets released in August on the xbox one, SUPER EXCITED!

Same here, thinking of buying it tomorrow with the Rare Replay game. Would love to add some Viva Pinate fans, especially those veteran players from the Wild Card Agency and those 2 other groups I can't recall the name of lol. This game had such an active community back in the days, still miss it :)

Greetings, Laura/COM813D (<- those of you who remember me by that name).

i am still on here and there and try to help with the famous achievement and do hope someday for a new viva pinata