Anyone not enjoying thier 360?

I was thinking about this last night at the poker table.  The 360 more popular console than the PS3 and PC, yet the only 2 games I own for it are multiplatform games and I got them b/c they were like half price at a closing Blockbuster.  I don't remember hearing about any games that interest me that are coming out for it and all the exclusives I've played for it don't interest me enough to warrant a keep.  This is my second 360 since my first broke and was under warranty and it doesn't even have a Blu-Ray player in it.  I have a PS3 and a PC as well and in my eyes it's the weakest of the 3 graphics wise. 

The only thing that I like about it is the controller.  It's perfect. 

Just wondering if I'm missing something or if there are other ppl, at least on these boards, that have become unexcited about thier 360.


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I bought my xbox 360 about 4 years ago, at the time I wanted a PS3 but there was about £100 difference and could not afford a PS. I was a big PC gamer but was considering a switch to a console, because I got tried of trying to keep my PC up-to-date and sick of the amount of mods in PC games online.

I have been a XBL member for about 2 years now, I love the xbox exclusives and after the whole PSN getting hacked awhile ago. I am glad I bought a xbox now and wouldn't go back and wouldnt switch to PS3 or go back to PC.

I go through spells where I don't want to play.  Over the past year, I've been playing less.  The last 6 weeks, what I used to do a day, I now do in a week.  But it doesn't have anything to do with the games.  I have 5 that are half palyed and one, I haven't even started yet.  I've just have found myself watching more TV. 

I kind of feel the same when i first got my xbox almost exactly a year ago i wouldnt stop playing i was excited for everygame and played every game all the time pretty much now im only excited for a new game i get the ones i have are forgotten within a few weeks and the games coming out arent something im really looking forward to that much i mean sure the rumored  Halo CE HD remake im looking forward to if it comes out pretty much everything else is a meh like CoD BF GoW TES and more

I love my xbox 360! perfect replacement for my aging laptop I bought for college 2 years ago! :D

I like it but I feel like I will soon be equalizing it with a PC.

Theres isn't enough games on the 360 to keep me entertained.

im just waiting for the new xbox to come out to get me excited about gaming again.

It will be a while. :P enjoy the wait!

does anybody remember what it was like at the end of the xbox's life?the quality games that came out at the end?ones that optimized every last ounce the system could push out?

it seems that the 360's games have become very "brown" some are eye poping like la noire,i have seen nobody surpass oblivion yet and it was out in 2006.

i assume theres still life and room to grow in the 360's life.hopefully they stop making games that use the unreal engine its pretty old and tired.o ya stop making games brown brownie or brownish,shurly theres other palates you can use?

I can't say i am not enjoying because depend of my mood. IMO.360 have a lot of  good games that i still need to play with the exception of kinect games.

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