Anyone looking for a fun, realistic role-playing police clan.

Hi, my name is Duane, gamertag> Duane1344.

I am a  member of the LCPSA, Liberty City Public Safety Administration. It is a fun, realistic, role-playing police clan that is quickly growing and becoming very successful. We have multiple divisions, such as SWAT, Detective Bureau, Aviation, Dispatch, Crook Certification, Fire and EMS, and MPVC, which is a certification to drive the Police Stinger, or Police Bike on our TBOGT patrols. If you are interested in joining, you must have GTA IV for xbox 360 (TBOGT is not necessary), a working microphone, and xbox live gold, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself at Duane1344, or the two clan commissioners, Dashinator1992, or SlickSpencer8.

Thank you for your time,


Hope to see you around.


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No thanks, I'm in the middle of setting up competitions for all police clans to attend.

Contact a moderator.

Once again; Crook Certification is an LCES original. This is becoming a pattern lately with clans -_-

Wait?!! LCPSA is no more? What happened? This clan had potential!

I personally did not know anything about this clan but I can relate with having to shut down clans or leave because I've been there. A clan is a business but too much emphasis on business is bad as much as too much freindship is.


It's the heavy criticism it recieved once all of the leeched information was pointed at, the members just decided to go to the clan the information was stolen from. lol


(Your clan in the trash)

Yes, a ton of problem arose, eventually these problems forced my decision to leave. Such a same. I thought it might go somewhere, and Wulffzz213 is correct, they are all ranked officers, and they were all promoted to keep them in, not something I agree with, but things happen. I am now involved in a new clan, LC911. Message me if you're interested.

Thanks, Duane1344

Message me at Duane1344 on xbox live, and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

No, a "Crook" DIVISION implies that you have a strictly enforced team helmed by a team LEADER.


My community has a CIVILIAN team, which are only held together by the same rules as everyone else and are free to do as they please. Then, just like in real-life they are guided by the police officers on what not to do.

There are to many GTA 4 clans anyways to be honest with you.

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