Anyone know when ocelots will come

I was wondering when the update with ocelots will come. Bcuz I would like to be able to have a non-Creeper house mainly because somehow thats all I ever see that spawn by my house.

Also I have a question,I have a world that I always play when I cant connect to xboxlive which was pretty much for two months.When I finally fixxed my router and got on xboxlive I went on my world, right before it loads it just freezes to the point to where I must keep pressing the power button to just turn it off. Any ideas??


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they live in Jungle Biomes so same time as that.

aCreepers are afraid of cats and will run away from them but I found that doesn't necessarily mean they won't come in or spawn in there. I have about a dozen cats in my house and once in a while I will find a creeper hiding somewhere trying to keep away from the cats. This is on the PC.

I suspect it is going to be many more months before then. The 1.8 update isn't even close to out yet so just get an eye out on the upcoming feature's section for the Xbox in the Minecraft Wiki's page.

Oh okay I know creeper will run away but still spawn there but it would be neat to have a house that won't be blown up as much

I don't have a creeper problem, I found a tall mountain climbed half way up and dug in and poked out the dir dug straight down til I couldn't reach, waited til morn. Them cut a few trees and built a ladder and eventually added walls around it and hallway to the ground I switched from ladder shaft to stairs separated by a door and the walls on each side separated me and the creeper enough I could get to the ladder safely. Been 2 months and still no creeper in or near my house. I also found if you have dirt or grass in your house you will have a higher chance of mob spawn I in/near house.

just light up the area around ur house with torches and build a wall around it

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just light up the area around ur house with torches and build a wall around it


11 month old thread....This guy is a genius!