Anyone know what this week's N7 challange is?

Usually info about is posted but I can't seem to find it.


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Thank you DC. Looks like it's going to be every other week.

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I'm surprised they went with a 25% xp bonus over an Easter event. There's objective models in the game files for the holidays.

Bi-weekly(monthly) means twice a week(month) across the pond in the UK/Her Majesty's English, while bi-weekly(monthly) in the heathen states means once every two weeks(months/bimestrial).


I suppose it depends on where you are from and what you are trying to say. Probably just easier to say every other week :P


As an aside, you can technically get N7 cards in spectre packs. They are ultra rares but they do ever so rarely/occasionally pop up. I upgraded two of my N7 weapons this way. The N7 packs just make sure you get at least one N7.


Your mileage may vary and of course it could have been a bug but there you go. Don't lose hope :P

Yes the challenge is to continue playing afterr you realise the bi weekly ( is it bi monthly, never sure about correct usage here) challenge means it will take you two years to max out the N7 reward weapons.

I though it was great fun this weekend.


Played the multi-player on the 360 and it carries the Galactic Readiness boost over to my PC copy of the game too.


This is really handy for me as I prefer the multi-player controls on the 360, so I can play the Horde mode on the console and take advantage of that time on the PC single player.

Damn, that's awesome, voteDC! Handy to know, thanks man!

Yeah, I too received an N7 upgrade in a recent Spectre Pack, can't remember exactly what it was but I recall that it was something that I'll never use...:-)

There isn't one. It is just 25% extra XP.