Anyone know the trade value?

I normally never trade. I would imagine Gamestop will give me around $35 but I don't know if someone might know for sure? I haven't purchased a Madden since 08' but I can't really justify keeping something that is not really better than what I played 5 plus years ago.


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Last updated July 4, 2018 Views 3 Applies to: is offering $36.45 in the form of an Amazon gift card. I'm not sure about GameStop but they have used copies of Madden 12 for 360 listed as $47.99 so I'd guess they are offering around $25-$30 in a trade and probably no more than $35. If you call your local GameStop they should be able to tell you the trade-in value.

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I never understand why people make these threads.  the best way to find out would be to call your local game stop.