Anyone know if there's going to be a Saw 3 Game?

Just wondering, is there any rumors or anything about a SAW 3 game that'll come out?


Thanks !


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Nah no rumours or anything unfortunately, its a pretty samll game, so it doesn't get much coverage I still need to finish the second one myself... think i lent it to a mate would love a third one

Yeah a third one would be awesomeee

Well,  after noticed  like they did milk the movie ...i can see the same with game but not with the same results.

Nothing yet.

SAW II: Flesh and Blood is set between the second and third movie, andd with there being seven movies, there is a possibility of another game. I guess it all falls down the sales of a them nowadays.

I did not even finish the first one, but thoroughly enjoyed it. I might give it another rent, complete it and then start the second. Creepy games! :P

I hope there's another one! You guys are right though, they milked the movies, and the placement of the video games does lead one to think there'd be another. :)

Saw 3 do it nuff' said