Anyone know if there's a fix for this annoying problem?

Well I'm glad to see bf4 doesn't have the same freezing problem that it did on the 360. 

But now there's another annoying problem.

It seems every time I sigh into play a game all my classes reset to a load out I had months ago. I can go a few games with no problem. But the moment I leave and join another server or game resets.

Does anyone know if there's a way to fix this. Someone told me that if you set up your classes through the battle log it'll stay....only problem is it seems the battle log is months behind where I'm actually at.

Anyone know a solution?


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Once you change your setup go to options and change something (I change audio volume), when you back out it will save the option change (and your class setup).  Although for some reason, unknown to me, I've found different classes are saved for different DLC, so that add's another layer of annoyance.

This is annoying.  I haven't bought any of the new DLC (I refuse to fund EA even more cash for a broken game), so my classes aren't resetting because of that. I hope they fix this soon, I'm fed up of spawning in, only to find that I'm holding a Scar-h over my beloved M16A4!

try setting and saving via battlelog. I haven't had a reset in a long time

....nothing a 6lb sledge hammer won't fix

I've had loadout problems since their 2nd major patch. This game, while I enjoy it, has so many problems, even minor ones like this, that I don't think they will ever get fixed. If after 6 months these things aren't fixed, I bet they have given up on getting the little things like this fixed.

Everything will be fixed a week before BF5 releases.