anyone know how to post on the official CoD MW3 website?

I have an account. I'm logged in.

but I can't figure out how to start a thread or reply to posts.

what the heck? 

I was able to post on the Black Ops site.

what gives here?

am I not seeing something?


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I have no idea, either...


It's weird. Not that I'm that concerned.

    If its the mw3 forum you want, log in on this page.

Even if it says you are logged in, log out and back in there.

You should be able to respond to any of the threads on that page, but in order to start a thread you need to choose one of the sub forums first. Then look on the right side of the page and there should be a heading that says actions and a link to "start a discussion"

nope, I can't reply to threads. I see the "actions" part.  but that's all I see. no link to  "start a discussion"

I have this issue where I also haven to start or reply to a topic.  I have a support ticket with Activision ongoing from December and still no resolution from them.

  It seems to always work for me if I login on that one particular page. If I log in anywhere else, I have to log out and back in again.

It did the same thing to me before and after clearing cache, cookies and everything it was okay.

I've tried the following:

- Chrome

- Firefox

- Internet Explorer

- iPad 2 (Safari and iCabMobile)

- iPhone 4

- Clearing the cache and cookies

- Just recently "a tired old guy"'s link

Really, nothing else I can do on my end and with so many people having problems, their forum software obviously has issues. They even had a sticky post which told people to make sure their forum username was filled out in the profile because of this issue, obviously most people already had this done.

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