Anyone Know How To Make Logos, Need a 360 One

Hey guys.  I got a all xbox website I launched un-officially, because I don't have the final logo I need to kick it off and get content rolling.  Do any one of you know how to make logos.  The site's name is  If anyone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it.

PM me if you have any questions.  Thanks a ton. :)


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looks interesting but when you write Review then you dont need to write Review: Fable Heroes Review.... forget about the Review after the game name ;) sorry I just took a lil look at it :P

Don´t you also need permission to use Xbox Logos and Xbox names??? If you don´t have that, I don´t think anyone will make you a logo. I could be wrong of course but don´t it say that on the games all the time? 

@ Halo Jolly,

Thanks a ton, I did not notice the "review" thing.  I appreciate it.  I was just testing it.  If it's a Xbox fan site Microsoft is more than happy to allow the use of their name in a site.  As a former MVP, Xbox Forum Mod and a Xbox site owner I've already obtained the permission.

Also I no longer need a logo as I was able to buy software and make my own. :)

No problem. I saw it and just thought I tell you cause sometimes people are so concentrated on something that they don´t see those lil  things cause they are so focused on their project :)

Yea and I also those are older reviews.  Now I've totally damaged the site with code lol, i need to fix it but with a job I have i travel everywhere so it's hard to sit down and do my little hobby. :(

Lol I´m sorry, that´s why I make no home pages, I hated it in school :D You always need to take care that all match up. Well why don´t you take it with on a tablet or laptop and do it while you in a plain  ;)

Just did.  It's up again now. :)

Yap looks better now, specially the News page. I see a lot of white space when I click on Entertainment :P

You have a looot to do still, I won´t have the nerves, I´m just good in finding errors lol

By the way I like the green arrows. You need to use them, they are eye catching. Work them out a lil more ;)

Thanks for the suggestion.  I completed the final logo.  What do you think lol?

I'm not changing it for a while, took me a long time to shave and make sure the font wasn't blurry.

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