anyone know a fix for this

im srry if this is the wrong spot to post this but i figured why not since its happening when im playing the game since saturday night my screen will flash green its really annoying and sunday it was doing it again and it froze on me about 6 times the flash only happens in MP has not froze since i just figured my xbox is going out becaues i signed up for the dashboard beta altho its not out yet my xbox becomes cursed every time i sign up for a beta...


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Is it just battlefield that has this problem? Are you getting lines going through the middle of the sceen aswell?

This happens to me sometimes too, I get random color flashes. Not very often, maybe once or twice since launch. I sometimes get the lines at the top of my screen, is it because my  xbox and TV is set to 1080p and the game runs at lower resolution?

same here..not often flashes, really bright but very quick.

@aCheeseyPenguin as far as i know i cant stop playing it. its so awesome lol but skyrim will take its place lol i dont get any lines its just a bunch of bright green flashes that get really annoying so i end up quiting and looking for a new match and hope it does not come bac

How is your xbox connected to the TV? Are you using a HDMI cable? Or the scarts.

at home i use HDMI at work im useing the AV cables it happens at both places too do u guys have ur game instalded to ur hard drive?

If you have the space and you've not already done it install everything to your hard drive and empty your cache

Delete the BF3 beta, then try.

i installed the day i got the game ill empty the cache see if that helps thx