Anyone know a fast way to earn money?

Anyone know any fast/easy ways to get a good chunk of money?


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Grind missions. There are some missions that pay $5-10k and only take 5 minutes or so to complete. Get a lobby of 3-4 decent players and just do them over and over. After the mission when you get to the debrief menu, hit like then spam RT and it'll restart the mission without having to go back to the vote screen.

Another way is to play races and let each other take turns winning.

Grind  missions? Also how do I put auto aim back on mine is stuck on free aim.

Join someone's room who has auto aim on, or do it yourself in single player settings

I made a thread on this last month maybe this can help you

wow.....ummm...let's way to make A LOT OF MONEY?!?!  hmmm.... well you can go around jumping in free roam shooting every other online player and get like your 1 RP and maybe 20 to 30 bucks like every idiot that joins my game.....or go do some missions.....I prefer Survival mode....get 4 players going and get to wave 10 for $20, 0000....even at wave 8 you get $18, 000....get in a CREW and get bonus money and RP points!

Base invaders mission 25,000 in about. 5 min with a good group of people

In single player i like to get an assassin mission and carefully listen what Lester has to say: he usually tell you who will get advantages from your kill mission.

Get out of the game without saving.

Go back in, choose michael and trevor and make them both buy the stocks of the firm i heard before.

Go back with franklin, buy the stocks with him too and go back to Lester doing the mission.

You can easily double your cash everytime.

I wouldn't recommend farming the same mission over and over,it probably makes money fastest but it is seriously repetitive,and taking turns with a friend to win races is lame too...i only managed 6 violent ducts before i nodded off to sleep.

Just do any missions that come up,join races between them,maybe a few survivals,DON'T faff around in free mode all the time(that's where you lose so much on medical expenses,and your time)pick up crates that drop.Your money mounts up in no time

Also, you can sell one car per in game day to Los Santos Customs. I've heard the most you can make is 16 grand, but so far Ive only managed 9 grand selling cars and SUVs with LED headlights.

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