anyone kno when that new south park game comes out?

think its gonna be any good? whats it suppose to be like a rpg im guessing? whats the full name for it, ive seen it somewhere before like a preview for it but cant remember where ? any other info bout the game you mite think is worth sharing that u kno about, im pretty interested about it, expecially if its gonna b a rpg of some sort, any word on release date?


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Don't quote me, but I read Ubi plans to have it out by Holiday this year. After they took over the South Park game (as well as COH2) they are going back and creating new title sequences removing THQ. I also heard an copies that were made by THQ are being destroyed rather than release them the THQ on it. Ubi wants to earse any knowledge of THQ from this game, and replace them with Ubisoft title screens.

I think it was delayed but not sure, original date was march

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It's expected on the 5th March, but I doubt it, considering what has happened to THQ and all, UbiSoft will take more time for the devs to revise the game before being distributed to the market. I'd think.



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