Anyone interested in starting a Xbox 360 Dark Souls community site?

Thinking of setting up a Dark Souls community site. Forums with guides etc for quick navigation and discussion in one place for Xbox 360 gamers. Anyone interested in helping me set it up? I have a basic forum structure set up already. Need to design a Dark Souls themed banner and set up some forum sections related to Dark Souls. Also would like a portal. I think if set up and run right it could be a good asset to the Xbox 360 Dark Souls community.

So, anyone interested?


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Sure, you make it, I'll join it :P

I'd use it for reference even though there are numerous other sites already such as

Link in my sig. Need some ideas for forum structure. I guess a guides section, a PvP section, co-op section, etc? What do you guys think?

Dark souls is a long term game, w/ lots of replayability. Dark souls wiki kinda got the handle on it atm tho...but i'd love to see any cummunity contributions!

Isn't this a Dark Souls community site?

No, this is a Xbox 360 community site with a Dark Souls section. I always find some of the more useful stuff always ends up getting lost to the bottom of the boards aswell or hidden away within a thread.

I think it's a good idea. is full of awful weeaboos and the xbox forum layout has absolutely sucked since last year.

You probably should've called the forum "THIS IS WHERE YOU TALK ABOUT DARK SOULS ON XBOX 360" because let's face it, a lot of people on here aren't the brightest fireworks in the display.

I find horrible to post on personally. So many troubles with this site it's not even funny. Decided to be a little more open though and cover all RPGs rather than just one. So now it's a strictly RPG focused site.