Anyone interested in forming a Zombie clan?

Hey guys,

I'm looking for players that want to form a new Zombie clan. The goals of the clan so far are as follows:

    - Helping other clan members get to high rounds
    - Help with cheevos
    - Play as a team
    - Form and use strategies
    - Expand clan
    - Make new online friends
    - Make gameplay videos
    - Start a youtube channel
    - etc

I'm in the GMT timezone and am usually online 4-5 times a week, sometime after 9:30 p.m. Just so that it will be easier to communicate, it would be a serious advantage if you have a mic and some experience with COD Zombies. Please reply if interested.


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Id be greatly interested! Im a huge zombies player myself.

my high score is 28 on kino. 32 on five. 32 on ascension. 32 on call of the dead. and 25 on shangri la. I only play zombies when the new maps come out. Not to brag but im better than the average black ops zombie player about 95% of the time. If interested. FR me and let me know who you are. Im always looking for a team.


I'm a Resident evil fanatic... George Romero-aholic.... I love Left 4 Dead, Dead rising n anything with living dead things !

Check my profile 'n game list and message me / or friend request !

I'm Thinking about getting COD: WaW just for zombies ... maybe black ops also, so don't hate me for not playin COD LoL

i play all those games to u need to get black ops though im down to form a zombie clan from scratch complete n all out though i was  just bout to on my own im starting now but if ur still up for it i wont own it any more then u do because i like ur style i got good achivements right ow but i used to have way way more on every game excpept black ops i got more achievments hten i used to on old acount but still im a die hard resident evil fan bat every game except outbreak #2  the ones for wii and that 1 i have but bought by time the x- box 360 came out s the one for gamboi not color or advanced jus gamboi other then that ive anialated all of em on hardest mode with each charecter and atleast 3 times 5 time on all of em acpet part 4 res evil 4 game broke then stoped playing the cube so havnt beat or i dont think even played since then wich was like when it came out a year after at most so like 5th or 6th grade like 6 or 7 years ago i anialated left for dead twice would have all b 2 achievments on part 1 if i didt make new acount n part 2 almost all on there also my girl has all on both shes best left for dead player ive ever met or played with she dont realy like games either haha never seen any1 get that close to as many kills as her ever or anything period most damage on tanks most wich kills most jock kills most licker frees and kills smokers but im a die hard re evil fan o i call em lickers most hunter kills she jus aniahlates just liked and played like any other game until she made me get into wen i was already into to begin with haha never tried dead rising except for emos liked em but end up bying a difrent game or accesorie each time im guna be geting dead island also looks like a hard core left for dead like identical jus way beter game lay not as simple left for deads jus like countrestrike a 10 year old game haha was garth is that a zombie game to dog? ima add u on live cool well get this done u gota be like 16+ tho n mature if ur under 18 haha im not no underage kid im only 18 but still peeps like that anoy me

i think i will join

i am really intrested ... i will join

Why not join RGC.. in our forums we have member always looking for other Zombie players.. I know im one of them lol, Come check us out ^_^ 

We are more than a clan…we are a gaming community.

We are looking for members that will be active on XBL & the RGC Forums.

All skill levels

All play styles

Our forums are based on a military structure, you advance as YOU make it happen,

We have about 1,000 members active weekly.

We sent teams to MLG Columbus & Dallas.

We have podcast, machinima, design team, tournaments, and GB teams.

We are always looking for talented people to join our teams there too.

Go to

Click on FORUM and Register

Make sure to put >>>RGC Minxy<<< as referrer

And join the >>>Salvation<<< Battalion

"Please don't post in the how to join section because your already accepted"

Once there Message Me.. ^_^ RGC Minxy ..

See you ONline ^_^

yeah i will join u can tell by my pic im a fair good player ;)

Wow!!!awesome I am a huuuuuuge zombie fan, you will always find me either on black ops zombies, dead island or left 4 dead :) so that sounds like an awesome idea!!!!

dude i love zombies and i really want to join a clan

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