Anyone having this problem?

Well, whenever I start my halo 4 it works perfectly , but as soon as I search for a war games server, my Xbox freezes. Then soon afterwards I get a red ring. I leave my Xbox off for a couple of hours and start it up again, but yet the problem repeats. this never used to happen but today, what on earth is going on?


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u need a new xbox  try installing disc

First call 1-800-4MY-XBOX and register your xbox with MS.  Then tell them about the problem and they'll either repair it for free if you're still under warranty or they'll charge you.  Either way, call them.  Hopfully they can help you.  I've been through this a few times myself, everything for me was free do to the warranty.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.  good luck.  

I know I have already done that.

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u need a new xbox  try installing disc


You have to install disc 2 to play multiplayer.