Anyone have problems going from Regluar TV to HDTV's? for COD games

I always had my Xbox 360 on a sharp tv i had.  Sure i couldnt see how much money i had and the emblem wasnt very visible, but it worked.  So i found a great deal on a tv for my xbox, and  man,  i have been trouble getting used to it.  my aiming has gone to sheyat all of a sudden.


I'm sure its just getting used to better and clearer, and closer view, but man, its been hectic?


Anyone else?


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You may have your setup wrong on your console,go to display setting and check.

you could also have the wrong ratio set up on your t.v.

what would be the correct ratio

i believe it popped up 690i ???  


depends on the options your new tv has, it should default 1080p or i, but most all games are made in 720p.  for tv ratios, some show "widescreen 1, 2, etc..." or give the actual numbers ie 16x9.  Alot of tv's also have a "gaming" mode also.  is there a big size difference from what you played on before? or your just not used to the awesomeness of HD :) good luck

are you in STL? i swear i've played BO with ya before

the 690i is the hd setting,it may also have a widescreen setting which may be set wrong,16x9 is the usual setting for most widescreens.

i would go to your display settings in your console first if you had it set previously for a non widescreen tv.

    I have a cheaper hd tv and what I have noticed is that motion blurrs slightly. While my old tube tv didnt have the vibrant colors, it handled motion with a much crisper picture.

its always worth looking for a 100hertz model,they stop a lot of the motion blur.

sometimes turning off any of the special picture functions can get rid of it too.

1080p, 600hz and 60'' is good for me

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1080p, 600hz and 60'' is good for me


Only problem is most games run at 720i,and no games run at 600 hz ,they run at 60 frames per second maximum .

I used to have problems switching from regular to HD back when I got my plasma but have gotten used to it since then. It was so bad at one point I went back to the regular tv and did better.

3 weeks ago my dad was in the hospital so I went from my regular 2#" Samsung in my room to the 47" 1080p/i LED/LCD LG TV in the living room connected to HDMI while he was in there and it just took a little getting used to. I should have looked at settings but I didn't think about it at the time. But it didn't take long for me getting used to it. It also solved majority of my dying fast problems I run into, so I'm upgrading my TV in my room to a 32" LCD 720p as soon as I can. The TV in the living room was so much better on my eyes too. Even though the screen is big, the blood vessels in my eyes weren't busting from straining them out trying to read the small text, numbers, dimness, etc...on the TV in my room.