Anyone find the reticules abit annoying?

Im on a 32 Inch led HD LED LG TV with HDMI plugged in, sitting at around 2 meters away. But i tell you now its been a pain in the butt trying to aim sometimes

 "and i am using free aim BTW because thats how im going to be playing in the online lobbys"


But lets say im trying to shoot some guy running by a cement wall i cannot even see my crosshairs when i am using a pistol or SMG with either the  complex or simple reticule, **** crosshairs are fine. But there are quite a few times where i cant for the life of me see my reticule because of the environment im in.


Anyone else have this problem? i have no eye problems, maybe its just me? or maybe they want me to sit 1 meter away from my TV?!?!


come to think of it the phone text ect is quite small also, i remember having that problem with GTA 4 a little. but no problems with the crosshairs......


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Yup, the reticle sucks...period.

The crosshairs are a pain. Sometimes I have to fire a round or two before I know where I'm aiming. I've kept auto-aim on just for this reason. Guess I should go ahead and turn it off to adjust for on-line play. The ability to use the weapon's sites would help... a first person style zoom aim?

yeah, and esp since I only ever use free aim,....They musta been smokin dat herb, mon

Pot usually makes creative types even more creative.  Me thinks someone snuck in some meth.  All of a sudden the color white seemed like a good idea.

Dude try playing on a 21' reticule is so small :-7

That's really a bad thing in the game. But on the other hand I like how they allow you to auto aim (need it as I'm 40+ and suck at shooting) and still enable you to move that crosshair (ha ha) ever so slightly to shoot somebody or something else. I remember that in GTA IV this was more difficult as you had to sort of half press the trigger if you wanted to move the crosshair.

You can change your crosshairs under the settings, I was having a pain trying to even see it and I'm playing on a 50". Hope it helps guys

Thanks Martymar. Us  seasoned citizens need all the help we can get.

I'm only 31 and still have good eyesight but was having a terrible time trying to see where the heck I was shooting so I just figured there had to be an option to change it and luckily there was