Anyone feel like helping me take on General Knoxx?

I cant seem to beat him alone. (note I have beat him once, but that was over the course of the main missions).  This is for that side mission for Marcus...

I'll be playing for the next few hrs.


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And im a lvl 66 soldier and i dont have a headset.

if your level 66 you should have like zero trouble killing him unless your at least on your second play through then i'll cut you a little slack because im a level 48 hunter and ive killed him multiple times alone without mods or hax. ( im sorry if this seems a little rude or like im bragging because im not i have nothing to brag about)

wait let me get this thing straight level 48 vs a level 50+without hacks you know u dont do any damage unless your 3 levels or at least same as your enemy target.gonna make an awesome story make it believable.

unless your fighting a playthrough 1 then his 35-38 thats his level then u can kick him good but can down your shield

I was only making a point. i didnt say anything about my lvl 48 fighting a 50+ i was just saying there should be no trouble killing him ( im talking about killing knoxx not other players) sorry for the confusion.

Still need any help? If not against knoxx then maybe craw?

ok my mistake as well. but seriously knoxx is pain in the @@@ than craw for one craw doesnt have medics healing him and he doesnt have 2 badass devastators trying to stomp your head open.if u aint a siren u got to draw him out on the very very left side  fighting in the middle is not tactically eficient considering u gonna get pummelled by his medics and the two devastators.once the medics pop up if you cant kill them go for those things they drop that heal him.hellfire or crux.u using a soldier heavy gunner or commando increase firerate on shotgun with 30 damage increase will kill him.i had a video of it on my youtube channel wallkthrough  but apparently knoxx and crawmerax is copyrighted materials. even if i put a disclosure they remove it.get a defender shotgun crux hellfire static shotgun or orion.

i am very sorry for taking this thread off topic, thanks bonedracomagus for reminding me, kirk35 if you do still need help let me know ill offer some assistance.