Anyone esle have this problem?

wanted to know if this is normal when i play on multiplayer on some maps i get some blue smudges for like half a sec when i move in certain spots any one else notice that or is my game defective i had it for about 2 weeks i noticed it the first day i played it please let me know thanks 


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I got the new Gears console with the game and I have yet to have any problems.

no mistatwofour, this is not normal at all.

no mistatwofour, this is not normal AT ALL.

Sounds like your xbox is gonna break my very first xbox had this where games would flash green , blue and red at random points

Hey, when I turn camera too fast i see like some glowing blue lines, but they look more like a part of the c.o.g. armour rather than monitor failure, they apear like for a split second,  they are very small, but i think is some bug with the  U3 engine drawing the characters or something, my concern is that watching youtube gameplay no one else seems to have them..haha

oh and they only appear at the very edge of the screen

@ bolivanragafak thats what happens to me i just couldnt really explain it properly it only happens in the maps hotel,old town,and sand bar i dont think its my xbox breaking bcuz its the slim and i play mw3 skyrim  bf3 with no problems i guess its a bug in Gears 3 thanks for the reply's

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