Anyone else

Alright idk if this has happened to anyone else, but there seems to be a glitch (or maybe it's respawn trolling me for being too good) where specters seem to shoot heat seeking rockets that are intended for no other target than you. I am just asking if anyone else has ever had this happen to them or I might be the only one 


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The AI isnt totally useless. Sometimes they do kill you.

Ive been killed by spectre rockets.

Ive even been melee killed by grunts.

Maybe you should rethink how good you are if you're getting killed by the AI bots? ;)

obviously your not as good as you've deluded yourself into thinking you ;D  

Lol I'm still better than most people it's funny when the bots have a better chance to kill me than the players do

[quote user="LOG HeadHunterX"]Lol I'm still better than most people [/quote]

Since there are no global leaderboards to compare yourself against other players I'll just assume that you meant to say you "think" you're better than most people. ;)