Anyone else think this is a bit overpriced?

Just started playing it, so maybe I haven't I havent got deep enough yet, but this does not feel like a $59 game.  No campaign, just a 6v6 multiplayer with a thin storyline and some bots running around.  Nothing like the feature campaigns you get with a halo, cod, or bf.

Multiplayer is pretty easy, I have overwhelmingly won each match.  Small maps and not much going on.  I will give them a nod on trying to innovate a multiplayer/campaign mix, but it seems more like they were lazy and skimping on both.  

Will play some more, maybe I havent gone far enough.  But righ now I think Respawn is a used car salesman that played me for a sucker.  I think this would be a good $29 downloadable game.  I have played some of the smaller DL games in the 29 buck range that I would consider this game to be equal to.

For all the game review magazine that pumped it up, shame on you for being bought off.  It should have been an 8.9 if you can get it for $29, but only a 5 if you have to pay $59.


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I'm happy with my purchase price to content ratio. Even bought the season pass.

I don't agree with the $59.99 price tag should have been between $30.00 to $40.00.

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It's not over priced if you get a lot of use out of it.

I have spent £50 in the past on games that may last only 10 hours before you complete it.

So that's £50 for only 10 hours of play

But titanfall being multiplayer can keep you playing far longer. Depending on how much you like the game you could actually get hundreds of hours eventually. So it's not over priced if you enjoy the game and keep playing.

I just played it for the first time at my neighbours house yesterday.  I knew there was no SP campaign and it was focused much more to multiplayer.  However, I was really surprised at just how little there was for $60.00.  MP 6 vs 6 with bots? for 60 dollars? come on.  I didn't notice any screen tearing but I did think that there were not enough customizing available to players and limited load out options.  

After playing for a little over an hour... that was about enough to hold me for my titanfall fix.  As a gaming community, we really do need to expect more and demand more otherwise we will continue to pay full price for super slimmed down game.

I think this would have been more appropriate for $30... Perhaps they will release some free DLC that adds a SP aspect or increase the player size to at least 10 vs 10 or something.  Certainly need an option to get rid of the bots too.


Half the price would have been plenty. Its only half a game since there is no split screen or campaign.

At least there are a decent junk of maps.

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It's the normal price for this type of game....A campaign (on both side) + classic MP and tons of hours to play....Nobody complaints about the price of "10 hours story driven" games.....

You think that's bad... the digital download in the UK is £55, or $91.45. The season pass is an extra £20. Even with our 20% VAT it should only be £43.

I enjoyed the beta, but was not convinced enough to buy it for that price. Hopefully it'll drop and then I can see what the fuss is about myself.

the only way to judge its worth is to work out how many hours you play before shelving it. no easy before buying though

e.g. BF4 has cost me 36p per hour as it cost £90 total with premium so that game to me is worth it as im 250hrs in and nowhere near finished with that game :)

if i play titanfall for 90 hours, ill have my moneys worth. 50p per hour of entertainment is a fair price to me

sure the game is shallow but did anyone expect anything else really after playing the beta

People just don't understand that they/we determine the value of a game. What is it worth to you?

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