Anyone else think they should have different maps for Rush and Conquest?

Grand Bazaar, Metro and Seine Crossing are great for Rush but maps like Caspian Border and Kharg Island are too big for Rush. They should have designed maps for both modes.


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I personally like the big maps way more on both Rush and Conquest.

Lol, I'm the opposite, I prefer the big maps for Rush and I hate the small maps for Rush. The maps you mention I hate anyway on any gametype. :P

I personally don't play that much RUSH on BF3, but the big maps are not that bad. The first set of M-Coms (Border Control) on Caspian Border can be a pain to capture. But after that the map is quite fun. 

IMOP it's not the maps or rotation on each game mode thats the problem, It's the fact, they where designed for PC and then scaled down. I think DICE should of designed different maps for different platforms.


How are they too big? If anything (in 12v12 that we get on console), maps like Caspian play better in Rush because the battles are centralized and the zones actually filled with people, in Conquest there is so much unit spread, especially with the addition of air power that ground battles are few and distant.

^I've been having way more fun playing rush since everyone is sort of in the same area.

I actually like all the maps on rush and CQ. no problems with any of the maps whatsoever.