Anyone else think that CREATIVE MODE will take half the fun,challenge and skill out building stuff?

I know all you PC veterans are used to having creative mode to build stuff with and there are some truly impressive builds out there but I can't help thinking that building in that ulimited way wouldn't be anywhere near as challenging or fun.

I also wouldn't ever consider abusing the item dupe glitch as I get far more satisfaction gathering the supplies and building from scratch and I find stuff built that way so much more impressive because of it.

Am I the only one who thinks this?


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All built without creative mode.

True it'll suck the fun out of certain aspects, but it also adds more to other aspects. With creative mode you don't need to fear wasting a precious resource to experiment. It also gives players the chance to create even more outstanding projects knowing that you'll always have enough blocks.

But I see your point, it may effect the fun, skill and challenge of Minecraft, but it may not be as drastic.

It would be nice if, in the Xbox 360 version, they implement creative mode as a separate mode, requiring a separate map.  Having creative mode is one thing, but being able to move in and out of creative mode on a single map is just horrible.  There is no point to half the game as a result.

As long as i build everything with cobblestone I don't think I'd ever run out of blocks.  I don't think I would want creative mode.  I didn't think I would like working for everything, but I actually do.  

I think without it and the dupe glitch then it makes viewing a persons hardworked creation more impressive and knowing how hard they worked for it. Were with creative mode your just like meh??? anyone can do what you build there.

But then a see the point in it for people who dont have a lot of xbox time with kids etc.

I knew nothing of Minecraft before it came to 360.


All I knew was that it was popular on Youtube trending, it wasn't graphically stunning and it involves a lot of building. A friend a while back suggested one of the cheap imitations. I gave it a go and it had an awful fish eye effect. Hated it.


I was sucked into Minecrack by the highly advertised demo and the hype surrounding it.

DL'ed the demo expecting, possibly like many people. that it would be a boring childs building game with no lasting appeal due to lacking "objectives".


How wrong I was. I slapped myself silly for assuming. I was hooked but I still cant put my finger on why. LOL


ANYWAY. Just a bit of background leading into topic.......

Since that point I have been addicted and I'm keeping a very keen ear on the Minecraft grapevine, have watched hundreds of vids and subscribed to some of the PC guys. I've seen just about all that the PC has to offer (official and mods).


All of it makes me just salivate at what's to come.


At first I was like. Yeah. Creative would be useful when we start a new world.


Me and some buds, well only one on a regular basis, have a darn extensive world now. LOTS of hours put into building, mining, testing and creating. My post would go on too long to list everything we have done. Possibly gonna upload a video highlighting my world.

It has taken many man hours and it will be shame to see it all go BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?!?!?!?!? 100% agreed with the above posters.


When I say "see it all go", we have a plan. The seed we're on is pretty boring and bland. My first attempt before I knew what a seed meant. It's a random one.

We are waiting until the 360 version is up to the adventure update level. 2 from now assuming there's no more mini fix patches inbetween.


We will start a new world from scratch. No creative and slog it all out again with all the extra biomes, mobs, expanded map (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) etc etc etc

I too would like to see creative being entirely separate from a "normal mode" map. Purely so I'm not tempted to go anywhere near creative mode other than for things like testing circuitry.

Currently 3/4 of the way through stocking a warehouse of every item currently available in the game.

After approx 14 mob spawns found.... sitting on 2 slimes, 11 saddles, 7 cocoa and 1 golden apple. Lol


Working for it, like others have said, is part of the whole fun. Anyone attempting a warehouse should be aware that Wood, Iron and oddly Redstone seem IMHO to be the most used items overall. Wood is a must. Cant count the amount of bonemeal and diamond axes I've been through.



it wont ruin the game at all since its its own mode which is fair.

the dupe glitch is weaksauce tho.

with creative mode, im going to be building some spectacular stuff i can only imagine!

especially with all the different colors ill have at my fingertips... creative ode is going to be the stuff.

I like having to work for everything.

[quote user="NICCSACC666"]it wont ruin the game at all since its its own mode which is fair.[/quote]

Not sure how you know this?

As someone pointed out above, the PC version has the option to flip between normal and creative on the same map willy nilly.

I assume that you are going on the above assumption due to the difficulty level in the PC having the ability to be switched mid game which cannot currently be done on 360.

HOWEVER. Maybe we will get a diff and mode flip switch with future updates? No-one can know?

Have you got a source for how it will be for us?


Would be nice to hear from a PC gamer who has played from vanilla onwards to let us know if the PC version had "non flipping" to start with. Anyway. If the flip comes then I'm sure I can summon the will power quite easily to avoid creative.

im guessing

why wouldnt it be its own mode tho?

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