Anyone else occasionally losing ADS when prone?

I keep noticing that when I'm prone near objects that my ADS just stops working in the middle of holding the trigger down. Has anyone else noticed this?


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Yup, it means your too close to something on the side of you. I hate it when I prone and try to turn but I cant.

Yeah I noticed this too it'd really annoying lol happens wen in final stand too

^^Ummm, I wouldnt know about that, except when I am rocking it as a Death Streak!

Well that's the only way u can use it is as a death streak I know they not cool but seen as tho u have to use one then final stand is my choice

I have perfected using the Death Streaks...............Is that good?

Very good indeed sir

I'm not even moving, i'm just looking down a hallway and it totally craps out. wasn't sure if it was just me or if my controller is getting to the point where it needs to be replaced.

yes it happens it is very annoying also not being able to turn when prone equally annoying

I hate it. Happens to me at times which gets me killed. Just due to the analog stick picking up the slightest movement. Only fix is a new controller.