Anyone Else New To Halo?

I wouldn't say i am new but the last halo i played was the original and haven't played since but I just picked up Halo 3 and Reach and looking for anyone wanting to play through campaign and multi play modes and help each other out.I don't mind to help and have mic and pretty laid back.Would like to work at getting the achievements as well and if your new or just want to help out send a FR and let me know it's for halo.I haven't started either Halo yet as i was hoping to find some people to play and new to it as well unless you just really enjoy it and don't mind to help out.


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Hey Zimm,


I'm Kiwi and LOVE H3 if you need someone to play with. I prefer online play to Forge/Campaign/Customs, so let me know if you want to play [:)].


I can't say when I'll be around until the weekend, but I'll most definitely be available all throughout the weekend.

I'm new to multiplayer and achievements, but I have played the campaigns several times. Certain things boggle my old mind, like how do you find skulls, for example. Send me a friend request and mention the forum. I'd be happy to help and learn.

add me if you wish, I'm fairly new as well. :) (I only have Halo 3)

I like playing the campaigns.

At least when you shoot an opponent they die (aliens don't have modifications).

Add me and we will get a game going. Whatever level you are comfprtable with is ok, but I prfer either Norma lor Heroic.

We in Australia have some problemswith lag but it is less noticible in Campaign.

I'm new, as in i've owned h3 for ages but never bothered to play it, More interested in a death match really. I'm in AUS and don't seem to lag on xbl.

It is MORE noticeable in Campaign, unless you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Add me? :P