anyone else looking forward to injustice?

it looks like it's gonna be an epic game.


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@Ascenion If this wasn't a birthday present I wouldn't have it Day 1 myself.

Considering how terrible MK was online, I think I'll pass until some reviews show up.

I was kinda excited. Except it looks like it's MK's engine. Not a big fan of MK's play, so I may be disappointed.  Although, I really wouldn't mind upgrading from MK vs DC to this ^_^

@Low If you lose to the same 3 moves its your problem. Not your opponents. That's what this thing (personally I think a lot of people neglect) called practice mode is for.

it sounds like a great idea but like many others i'm not into fighting games, one of the few genres I really don't like at all.

Not really into fighting games, but Injustice definitely makes me want to try. I've always been a big Batman fan, I'm sure that's what draws me in. :)

While youre cussing at your tv and throwing your controller because some kid is cherry picking you with the same 3 moves I will be having the time of my life playing BattleBot Theatre.

I am. I just hope the online isn't terrible. I prefer to fight more than my boyfriend and his friends.

Not a big fighting game fan. My friends always crush me. I have to admit, though, the game does sound pretty cool. Especially that preorder bonus that turns super heros into soviets.