Anyone else having this problem?

I just did the headless horsemen frontiersman mission and now none of the frontiersman icons are on the map. I thought maybe I hadn't completed the mission fully but there are no icons, clues, or any indication of it continuing further and someone had said once you see the guy its done. Am I the only one getting this and what appears to be the problem?

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No I'm pretty sure its a glitch they haven't fixed.  Go to a frontiersman house and talk to someone.  If you can remember where they are.  I know there is one in the upper corner area on left side of map.  I had this happen to me after I finished the last mission for hunting.

Good luck finding the headless horseman

frontiersmen don't have houses, they are around campfires. the hunting society uses the houses. as to that particular quest the answer is yes. once you see the horseman its done. its possible you just need to find another site where they are to get the next quest to start. as to why you have no icons, i have no idea. for myself i know that sometimes my map icons disappear only to reappear later on. its annoying but it happens

I went went back to the site by the lighthouse (forgot which area this is in, somewhere near Lexington) and couldn't get anything going and can't seem to find the other locations blindly. I feel like there is some kind of glitch going on with the icons or something but I'll keep trying.

Exact same problem happened to me.  Before I started the headless horseman mission I had at least 3 other frontiersmen missions on my map but after finishing the headless horseman they have all disappeared.

Each frontiersmen's marker wasn't for a different mission it was just saying u can start the mission at any of those points. As said before once you see the headless horseman the mission is over. I too spent time trying to do more but their isn't anymore to it.

Seriously? I feel like there should be much more at this point. I'm at sequence 7 right now, not sure how far that is within the entire game, but it seems there were only five of those missions.

Theres just not that much to any of it is all.