Anyone else have this weird horde glitch?

I was playing horde mode on xbox live in a casual private match with no mutators on the Overpass map. We started failing waves at about wave 16. The first time we failed a wave and restarted from the current wave, both of our screens stayed red with the omen symbol and we instantly failed again with a score of -1600. We tried to restart the wave again, and he reappeared, but I stood on the red screen with the omen on it and had to buy back in for 3000. However, I lost 1500 cash and stayed on that screen. I paid 3000 more and then respawned. We then beat that wave, and wave 17, but my buddy died on wave 17. He did not respawn at the end and had to buy back in. He didn't respawn until his 2nd buyback. When we failed 18, the same -1600 instant fail happened again and we then became unable to buyback, just kept losing money and instantly failing.


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I didn't have that same problem but I did have a glitch where my screen stayed black from the loading after a lost round and all I heard was the sounds of fighting. It came back after that round but by then people had quit.

Mine wasn't exactly like that, in a Horde match at around wave 38 & I got killed - I didn't bother buying myself back in as there were only 5 locusts left and my buddies were fine.


but after the round it did it to me instantly omen up on screen (like I had died) and then into spectator mode - WTF even my buds were saying what happened to you - I had no idea but didn't buy myself back in saved the money so couldn't say about that part of your issue

I've had that happen to me on King of the hill when I died, it would respawn me and show my character but my screen would be red with the omen. Its happened to both me and the friend I regularly play with at least twice.

I think it has to do with you, someone in your party, the servers or someone in the game causing lag. Or it could just be a regular old glitch.

Fortunately for us it was close to the end of the match and our team still got the win so it wasn't a huge problem but still annoying.

I had this happen too.  It effected the entire party of 4 on Horde.  We died on a boss wave and only 1 player spawned, sometimes 2.  I bought back in for 4500 and it just ate my money without letting me spawn.  We were stuck on that wave for almost 10 minutes, finally beat it, then wiped on the next one, landing in the same situation.  We just rage quit at that point.  I was thinking maybe it was part of the new DLC, a poorly implemented feature of making death a bigger penalty.  If so, that's the worst patch ever.

How do you fail a wave on causal?

never had that glitch. However when i was playing story mode towards the end when you finally get to marcus's dad, it was bugging out big time. Instead of his dad holding that key he was holding a big box thing threw his body O_O

I had a glitch today. While playing campaign arcade mode. I was Baird. We went into act 2 and my character froze. I could do nothing but shoot. Then when they made it to the checpoint. I spawned with them and only my left stick would work.

Hmmmmm i don't remember any of the other gears having issues. Wonder why this one has them.

Someone screencap'd it here: [View:]

This issue is still happening.  Ruined a perfectly good game for me tonight when it happened to 2 of us...

yea i jus had tht problem with randoms on horde overpass. idk wats goin on man

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