Anyone Else Have This Question?

So, I've been playing BLOPS 2 since it came out..and all I can seem to manage to get is my first scorestreak.

Is it just me, or does it seem really hard to get any scorestreaks?

It is nice in a sense, you don't hear a UAV has gone up or a stealth chopper inbound as often as it was said in the past.

But at the same time, I would at least like to get to my 3rd scorestreak at some point!

I was just seeing if anyone else asked themselves this, and to see what feedback I will get :D

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you do!


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 i run U A V    drone  care pack or counter U A V and if i get  the first one then the rest just seem to keep rolling over because of assists

same here... i go uav/hunter killer, package, strike...and if i get the 1st, the rest usually least the strike always comes after the package

Are you certain that you actually have 3 score streaks selected? I think the score streak interface makes it difficult to tell if something is selected or not.

I just run 3 of the 6 cheapest.  Especially good considering how powerful the UAV is.

I noticed this too, in mw3 I was always calling in streaks and not trying to brag but I had at least 25 moabs yet in this game I am lucky to get 15+ kills so I rarely get good streaks. Idk what it is.

Yeah OP it took me a little longer than usual to adjust to the new Scorestreak system. It's not just about stringing a bunch of kills together anymore thank God. For a while there, I was barely able to pull off a UAV let alone more than 2 consecutive kills, but now I find myself pulling off all 3 of them more often now. I run a slightly modified old school CoD4 kill streak system: UAV, Airstrike and a Dragonfire to simulate the chopper.

It is tough sometimes but to me is not much different. I like the score streak instead of kills because I get points all the time. I also do somewhat the same as you guys I use a care package and I wait until I die or get the rest of my streaks until I use the care package because players swarm when they hear enemy care pack inbound then I use the sentry gun at 800 points and that thing is a beast from there I like to use an AGR. I get to the AGR about once or twice every two games.

Yeah,i got Hunter Killer,lightening and Sentry.All easy to get.I've had Warthogs in the past and another but i like sentry gun.

  If I'm playing as a team .......... or I should say if I'm feeling like a team player ..... I usually run uav/hk/cp. I can usually get the uav easy and the other two a good bit of the time.

  Other times I run hk/cp and something higher like the lightening strike.  I'm going to have to check the numbers, but it seems I always get my hk and cp at the same time. I get the hk, and go to launch it and I have a care package marker in my hand instead.   But those two will usually amount to something decent for the third ..... if I dont get too greedy.

The spawn system on this makes it harder to string togethor streaks if your playing team.  Its a little easier on some objective modes especially kc.  On team I cant get past 5 or 6 but on kc I can bang out a ton of agr's, stealths, and dogs.  Hardpoint, domination, and ctf are also good modes for racking up score streaks.

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