Anyone else have these problems or know if their fixable?

Sometimes when I play Gears of War 3 and i'm on the main menu minding my own business and then all of the sudden a message pops up saying "Failed to authorize disk." And upon clicking OK on the message my xbox 360 slim completely resets and I have to start the game up all over again which is frustrating. And when I play online sometimes and I exit a match or exit after playing a line of matches, the game freezes on the loading screen and I cannot do anything but turn off the xbox which sometimes requires me to unplug the whole xbox. Can someone PLEASE help me out of this crisis? :(


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sorry to bump this dead thread, but is there anyone that could help with this? I even bought a new disc and it does the same thing to both discs. This only happens to Gears 3.

Iv had it happen. But it only happens when im letting it sit on the menu area and it starts playing that prologue vid over and over again, the vid will start glitching in the form of lagging and soon after itll say that. I think the game just needs a patch maybe.

I haven't bought a new copy. The disc looked fine when i took it out and yes only gears. I thought it may had to do with that flame retro glitch but I'm not sure. I just want to play the game without these problems.

I just got gears of war 3 for my Bday From gamestop and after every other match it is giving me a "Failed to authorize disk" message. And gamestop won't accept it back for exchange because the it's "used" mind you It was just purchased smh what is going on. Is this something that is going to be fixed with a title update? $65 game and I can't finish a game consistantly.   The game have NO scratches, dust or finger prints

Yeah happens to me too after being Idle it seems to be a glitch on either Microsoft or Epic, there should be a title update coming to fix it.

No problems like that for me.  Try installing maybe, or if it is already installed and doing this, try deleting and playing directly from disc.  And as mentioned, try clearing cache.

it's been 3 months how soon

Does anyone know if they are using the new high capacity disc format for GoW 3?

This might be the reason why you are having trouble?

Also try clearing your cache it might help.

Not me. My new Gears console and the game work perfectly fine. High five and a woot for me!!!!

Have you taken the disc back and tried a new copy? Checked the disc for damage? Is it only Gears this happens with?