Anyone else had a save problem?

Ahh! Having some seriously irritating save problems with Bioshock Infinite...wondering if it's just me or if anyone else has had the same issue?

Every time I try to create a new save on my Xbox Live profile I get the error msg "An error occurred when attempting to save the profile. Retry?" Alas, I retry to no avail.

Also, I get disconnected from Live every time I boot up the game though connection is fine, and saving on my non-Live profile works just peachy. Not having a problem with any other games so I guess Infinite just hates me :(

Anyone had the same issue? Or can help a sister out with some suggestions? This Xbox is going out the window soon otherwise!


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I would try 2 things.

1. Disconnect your hard drive and make sure its connected properly by listening for a click. Link.

2. Delete your profile and the download it again. Link.

Good luck.