Anyone else ever get sudden drops in FPS?

A couple times a day, generally, I'll be playing in a match and my frames-per-second will suddenly drop to about <5, making it impossible to play the game, and making me attempt to lay in prone until it goes away. I've died NUMEROUS times because of this happening, and this is the ONLY GAME that it happens in. Sometimes the lag lasts 3 seconds, other times it's lasted 20 seconds or more.


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its not just you.has happened to me and my brother a few times since the latest patch

i get lag sometimes playing survival mode  solo  no joke  !!!

double post

has happened a few times lately, this is another example of them trying to fix a crack with a hammer and nails. would have been better off not doing anything to try and fix the issues, and now we have to wait on another patch just to fix the previous patch.

yes, this happens to me usually once per day. but I think this is more of a lag issue because if I am ever host and it happens, my teammates will always say " woah wtf is going on!?"

I have never had a lag problem or the fps drop in the game even when im host so I do not know what the reason is.

happens to me too. i guess we are experiencing the same thing, but mine only lasts a couple seconds at a time, never longer than that.



Is it the case where your Xbox freezes up four times and obviously the game screen skips drastically? It's generally a very quick, four times and it's over situation for me but I did have it happen last night, I believe, where it was much worse. That one did last about twenty seconds.


It also happens in any Multiplayer game. I've had it in H3, Reach, MW2 and MW3, though never in a single-player game at all.

It happens atleast once per match. And the sad thing is when it happens to me I am usually the host of the room. Wasn't an issue before the last update. IW needs to take some lessons from Treyarch...