Anyone else buy the VIP code from Marketplace? Question...

I think I've discovered my issues connecting and joining squads with friends.

I have bought the VIP pack from Marketplace as my Bad Company 2 was used.

I don't have the maps in the game rotation so.....

Do I need to like "run" the VIP download or anything from my harddrive?  There has to be a step I'm missing.


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Try to delete and redownload it. Also remove the banner from your signature.

you shouldnt have to, as you should have all the maps once you downloaded it.  Try deleting it and redownloading it like ^^^ he said.  Also, to make sure you have the maps in the rotation, go to quick match, select either Conquest or Rush, and browse through the maps.

FIXED!  Finally....

Had to download the mega 1.6 Gb Vietnam update. Seem to be able to join friends squads and I have access to all the maps now.