Anyone buy the offical guide. is it worth it?

it seems like guides these days are inaccurate and incomplete. 

hows the guide for this game


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Guide is amazing, pricey, but very detailed.

More info than you ever think possible

it is worth every dollar... detailed quests, items.. turning warewolf vampire etc... talents, spells even some builds.. very useful.. im trying a rogue build right now (illusion/stealth/onehand/archery) awesome build.. i've always underestimated illusion... never again.. invisability ROCKS MY WORLD... combined with fear and or fury.. best game guide i have ever bought..

Might buy it in the future, if i can find it for 10$ anywhere. I think it's possible.....

I just found the Collector's Edition (Hardcover) on for $21 with free shipping.  You can save nearly 50% on this!  

Totally up to you. Personally I enjoy games solving things on my own and finding things out on the internet that I never knew about.

In other terms. It's like a class reading the book to you but you can also buy the book (AKA Official Guide)

I also have the Collectors guide and though I'm trying not to use it much so I don't ruin the experience, I am finding it useful to check the recommended level on each dungeon before I enter it. The few maps I have looked at are amazingly detailed and much better laid out than the Oblivion guide in my opinion.

I have the Collector's Edition (hardcover) guide and it is worth every cent.  This guide is over 650 pages long!  There are some websites online (such as Amazon or Overstock) that sell this guide at a discounted price.  So if you're looking to get it, you might want to check it for online.

I've heard a lot of praise from the guide. Personally, i get a better experience without a guide but  hear that it is very detailed  :)