Anybody still have/play Army of two the first one.

I posted this in the  A-d forum area as well but no one has been active in that game thread for like a month so I thought I post it in here too. I am trying to get one Achievement  ( I Promise to kill you last) that requires you to kill Dalton in 40 seconds or less. I have gotten extremely close I know I have but I'm just not doing it fast enough and was hoping that someone that still has the game would hop on with me for a little bit and help me get it. if not that cool I'll keep trying and get in eventually. Any tips would be cool as well thank you


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EA shut the servers down for that game last month.  You can play it online any more.

hmm ok  I wasn't aware that you had to be connected to the EA servers for co-op oh well I'll just get it on my own eventually.


You don't have to connect to the servers for co-op only the MP modes like Warzone and Bounties

My brother still has it in his collection. I played it and loved it but never tried the online though.

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