Anybody out there?

I am a girl gamer. I don't care if you are a girl or a dude. I am just looking for some new ppl to play xbox with. You need to have a clean sense of humor. I try not to cuss and would rather you try as well. I don't like crude humor or ****.  I play halo reach and lotr war in the north. It would be nice to have a person to chat with.  Let me know if you meet this criteria.

Meg aka Megan


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btw I am also an NFL fan. no bad mouthing the Patriots!!!

No t-bagging?! Also, hockey or nothing. ;)

NO t-bagging. lol eh I only watch hockey sometimes in the olympics :)

How can you not watch the NHL? You ever see a fistfight in football? T-bagging is a vital part of modern gaming... 'nuff said.

well then you don't meet my criteria. nuff said lol

Hey. I sent you a friend request. Halo is about the only game I play. I don't cuss, T-bag, or tell crude jokes. Look forward to playing with you.

Fair enough! :P

I for one hate it when people tbag me in halo, it really does ruin my experience while playing any of the halo games because of how often this happens to me. Feel free to add me tho, me and my friend are always playing halo and other games and wouldn't mind having more people to play with.

They killed you, and they deserve their reward. Ah, the final act of humiliation...