Anybody having weird sound issues?

At first I thought the problem might be my headphones or possibly even my Xbox, but BFG is the only game I hear it in.  Every so often I hear a pop.  Even when I'm standing still and not moving or firing.  Basically I'm having sound clipping every 10 seconds or so.  Anybody else having that?

Also hearing it with the Chaingun and the Plasma Rifle.  Once I hold the trigger, there's a pop with every round.  So strange.   


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Parrafin Alien answered my question in the other thread, so I'm good to go! Looks like I'm fine with an audio adapter, which I already have because it came packaged with my Elite.

Hi gang! I'm sorry to hijack this thread and go off topic but time is of the essence due to a Black Friday sale. I'm interested in X-12's which Gamestop is selling for $39.99 on Black Friday. I asked a question about them on the Accessories board but have yet to get an answer, and time is almost up. If anyone with knowledge on TB's could help it would be hugely appreciated! In order to give this thread back to you instead of clogging it with the discussion I need I will link the original thread I posted the question on rather than accept answers here in this thread. Once again I know it sucks to have me barge in and change the topic, I apologize! I just really want this headset but need to know something first:

I've tried a few different TB headphones, and a couple Trittons, including their most expensive model.  I like the DX 11's the most.  For $120 I think they sound much better than the Trittons which are more expensive.  You can control the bass.  I am an audio snob, and there is without a doubt not too much treble.  You can turn the bass up to the point where even a little bit sounds like subwoofers in your ear.  So much so I have to keep the bass down about half or below.  Perfect.  When those eventually go, I'll be quick to replace them with another extended warranty.

DX11's top headphones real shame the xbox doesnt have a graphic equalizer though as the treble is too high compared to the bass, you cant get any meaty oomph from them on the xbox.

No Bluetooth devices going around me.  Headphones are Turtle Beach DX 11's (more expensive kind).  I know it's not them because other games sound fine.  Plus I tried the sound by doing an hdmi to my tv, vs. an optical to my headphones.  Did the same thing. Tried the disc in a friend's console on their setup, and it does the same thing. Has to be the game itself.  Maybe I just got a bad disc.  Hoping maybe a patch is coming to address various things, but I doubt it.

Which headphones are you using? I bought a Turtle Beach headset (quite the hefty price too) and it pops randomly. So much so that I COMPLETELY stopped using it. It may be due to outside interference (bluetooth devices) but... I have no clue. With all my tweaking it was literally impossible to stop the pops. :(