Anybody esle from the UK noticed?

That over the past week you are being matchmaked with other euro countries more and more and its causing lag. which is killing the game for me and lots of others that i have spoken to from the uk was i just lucky in the first few weeks or has something changed.


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i seem to join uk players with occational dutch german or french players

ithink it has something to do with what time you play

try uk peak times =more uk gamers

I've given up for today, was trying to play a bit of team deathmatch but there's currently under half the usual amount of people playing and the connections just seem the worst today...

I've been getting matched up with people in Canada recently.

Last couple of days I've given up after a few matches thanks to lag and I'm in the UK.

Nothing different from MW2 really tbh.

Mw2 was really good concerning the lag and hit detection Infact its the best I've played

I've been having constant lag-spikes this evening. But when I bring up the score-board, it always says I'm on a 4-Bar. I didn't even have this problem in Black Ops, so why is it happening on here? Surely this can't be a part of the Lag-Compensation, because I still have the ability to win some gun-fights.

But the fact that I'll lag for no reason what-so-ever. Is horrific.

tonight i watched the mp thing at the top and left if it went above 50 it seenmed to work